Home Music Exclusive: Tony Bennett’s 90th Birthday Celebrations Will Be Fitting for a Legend

So this is what I am hearing: Tony Bennett’s 90th birthday celebrations will be fitting for a legend of his stature and fame. And boy, they should be.

First up, sources say, is an invite only black tie party at the Rainbow Room on August 3rd, Tony’s actual birthday. Will he sing? Is the Pope– you know? Expect people to come back from summer vacations just to be there. Nothing more swell than Tony Bennett at the Rainbow Room, right? And think of that guest list.

Then, you’ll recall that Tony told me a while back he wanted to play Central Park. Well, it’s too complicated, even for a 70 year old. You can’t control the weather, the whole thing could be a bust. Soooo…

The new plan is Radio City Music Hall on September 15th. A lot of Tony’s famed duet partners will show up, it should be something else. Lady Gaga, I’m guessing Aretha, and who knows. All the big guns will be out. Tony’s 85th at the Metropolitan Opera is still being talked about. So you know this will be the all-timer.

That’s the Thursday night before the Emmys out in Los Angeles. Expect to see a lot of tired faces landing at LAX on the morning of the 16th!

Nothing’s been announced but it should be shortly. I don’t know what we can do with Tony. We’re going to have Saran Wrap him or something, put him in a Zip loc bag. There’s no New York without Mr. Benedetto!

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