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You do remember when Kanye West Tweeted that his new album, “The Life of Pablo,” would “never ever” be on Apple Music? Or for that matter, Spotify?

Alas, that’s where it will be after midnight tonight. After sinking into obscurity on Tidal, Jay Z’s service, “Pablo” is about to have a life. And apparently, this is a more finished version. This week Kanye already released a track to Spotify called “Famous.” I told you yesterday the song has 17 credited writers.

Tidal is all but done at this point. A valiant idea, the service could not cross over for the mainstream acts that signed up as “partners” or investors or whatever. Rihanna gave in right away. If she hadn’t, her “Anti” album would have remained MIA.

Now Jay Z is suing the people he bought Tidal from, saying they lied about the number of subscribers they had. Well, of course they did. They’re in Sweden. How many people are in Sweden? Who listen to streaming music?

“The Life of Pablo” meanwhile should be downloadable imminently, too, and probably issued as a CD. This means Kanye– who has already Tweeted dozens of times today– will be in his own spotlight for weeks to come.

This news certainly puts a crimp in the Zayn story for next week. This past week it looks like Zayn sold an anemic 110K copies of his debut album. Hard numbers in the AM.

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