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It’s getting wild out there. This evening Barbra Streisand and Susan Sarandon went head to head on Twitter repping Hillary vs. Bernie. Streisand Tweeted:

“What’s the issue about Secretary @HillaryClinton getting $225k a speech when Pres Bush 41/43 got $1m/Trump $1.25m. OK for men but not women?”

Sarandon responded:
“It’s not how much. It’s from whom she is taking it and what she is saying. Transcripts would be nice.”

sarandon vs. streisand

And now it’s game on– west coast liberal Streisand, long time Clinton supporter, vs. east coast left winger Sarandon, who once backed Ralph Nader.

On Twitter, the debate rages on. Rare for two big stars like this to go at it. But that’s what makes horse races– and presidential elections!

PS I’ve never heard of these two titans of Tinseltown in the same place before. I couldn’t even find a picture of them together. I wonder if they know each other?

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