Home Movies Bam! Pow! “Batman v Superman” Scores $27.7 Mil Thursday Night, Beats “Avengers”

Bam! Pow! “Batman vs. Superman” scored a huge $27.7 million Thursday night, beating “The Avengers” previous $27.6 million.

For DC Comics fans, that’s a nice rebuke to the Marvel fans who’ve lorded their endless kitschy movies over us for so long!

I really enjoyed Zack Snyder’s film. I think tonight will be a massive box office tilt for it, too. The Rotten Tomatoes critics really went all out to try and kill this film, but the fans have spoken. Ben Affleck made a very good Bruce Wayne, too, maybe my favorite since Michael Keaton. Henry Cavill turns out to be a terrific Superman if he has a story and some decent dialogue.

Stay tuned, Bat fans. Tomorrow morning we’ll know just how much “Batman vs. Superman” is set to launch a new DC universe.

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