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Donald Trump got much less charitable in 2014 than he had been in 2013. His own donations to his self named Foundation in 2014: 0. As in, zero. Nothing.

But the self proclaimed billionaire managed to use other people’s money so he could donate to a selection of charities in 2014.

Still, using their money, Trump slashed his charitable donations in 2014 to only $591,450 — according to the Form 990 for the Donald J Trump Foundation.

That was down from $913,075 in 2013.

The 2014 number included few donations to anything to do with veterans, by the way. Those included $5,000 for K9s for Warriors and $5000 for Special Operations for Warriors.

Most of the money came not from Trump himself, but from his major donor to the Donald Trump Foundation for the last several years: Richie Ebers, of Inside Sports & Entertainment Group. Beers donated $477,400 to the Trump Foundation in 2014. That’s in addition to the almost $2 million he’s given Trump since 2012.

Ebers is a very successful New York ticket scalper. He sold his huge secondary ticket seller business to CAA Sports, the largest part of Creative Artists Agency, in 2014. Can’t get tickets to Springsteen or “Hamilton”? Call Richie Ebers. He’s the Ticket Man. If Trump gets into the White House, it will be Richie Ebers selling tickets to the Inaugural Balls.

Ironically, Ebers has been a die hard donor to Democratic candidates for years. His candidates have included Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, Richard Gephardt, Chris Dodd and Evan Bayh, according to the website opensecrets.org.

Ebers’ operation, Inside SEG, is one of the reasons why “regular people”– the people who Trump is counting on for his vote– can’t buy face value tickets to sporting events. Inside SEG caters to corporate titans, execs, and celebrities who will pay top dollar for the best seats in sports arenas and stadiums.

The Trump Foundation’s other donor in 2014 was Prestige Mills, a carpet wholesaler from Long Island City, NY. (If you don’t live here, that’s just over the 59th St. Bridge, in Queens.) They donated $20,000.




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