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EXCLUSIVE: Michael Weatherly is leaving after 13 seasons. Change is in the air on CBS’s most popular show, “NCIS.”

My sources say Mark Harmon and whoever’s left are getting a new teammate story almost right away. His name is supposed to be Clayton, and he will be the first second black regular on “NCIS.” Rocky Carroll has been playing Leon since 2008, although I think Clayton is going to be a bigger character on the canvas.

Clayton– good name– is in his late 20s to early 30s. He’s described as physically fit and the guy you want to have on your side. He’s also single. But he does have a young son. Sounds like he’s a bit of a player.

“NCIS” is casting now, but I’d suggest they check out Derek Luke. They could do a lot worse. He’s a top notch actor and looks early 30s. But hey, no one from “NCIS” asked my opinion. I’m told Clayton is British, of African descent. But how about American? (Also I don’t think David Oyelowo is available.)

Will Clayton replace DiNozzo (Weatherly)? Time will tell. But something tells me “NCIS” will just chug along now like “Law & Order SVU,” occasionally replacing actors as Mark Harmon heads for 15 or more seasons.

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