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The biggest surprises of last night’s Oscars? First, “Spotlight” prevailed as Best Picture even though most Oscar prognosticators had moved on to “The Revenant” or “The Big Short.” The movie with the big idea wins Best Picture. “The Revenant” was a technical achievement. “Spotlight” was a human story. Bingo.

I know for a fact that if I ever hear the word “Chivo” again I will start screaming.

Second: Sylvester Stallone almost got an Oscar for “Creed.” He won every other award. I thought he deserved the Oscar. He was very good. Instead, two things happened. One, the Academy decided to rebuke the Golden Globes. This happens all the time. Second, the Academy recognized that Mark Rylance is really brilliant, maybe the best stage actor in the world, and that his late entry into movies had to be rewarded ASAP. I am happy for Rylance. I am sad for Stallone.

Third: the travesty over Best Song was outrageous. Diane Warren and Lady Gaga should have won. That Sam Smith song from “Spectre” is the worst James Bond theme in ages. I am convinced that voters just marked it off because it was from a James Bond movie. Warren and Gaga were out and out robbed. Blech.

More later Monday on the parties, and all the juicy stuff from around town on Oscar night…

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