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Just got this in my email. Makes me want to vote for Rubio, or even Carson. It’s one thing to get the constant emails from Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea. But Anna Wintour? The Queen of Exclusivity? Anna Wintour would be appalled if she met any real Americans on a Hillary tour. PS She should have done sunglasses. Now those would have sold!

Roger —

I’m emailing you today about a cause that’s deeply meaningful to me: electing Hillary as our next president — and supporting Democrats across the country.

I’m committed to seeing a woman in the White House, but Hillary isn’t just any woman. She’s brilliant and decisive, and she’s the candidate I trust on issues from gun violence prevention to gay rights. There’s no one better prepared than Hillary to protect and build on President Obama’s legacy.

That’s why I volunteered to help create the Made for History collection. It includes beautiful pieces by my friends Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Maxwell Osborne, and Dao-Yi Chow. Wearing these American-made items is a wonderful way to show your support for Hillary.

Roger, if you’re with her, I hope you’ll take a moment to look through the collection and choose a piece that expresses your support for this incredible woman. Together, we can all help her win:

Thank you,

Anna Wintour


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