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Lauryn Hill and The Weeknd made quite a statement about the Grammy Awards last night. After Hill stiffed the Grammys and didn’t show up at their live show on Monday night, she turned up and sang with The Weeknd last night on Jimmy Fallon. It was an unannounced, uncredited performance, a surprise to the audience.

On Monday, Hill rehearsed with the Weeknd on Monday for the Grammys but then didn’t bother to return for the live show. She was angry that the producers hadn’t kept it a secret.

But here she is last night. I don’t know what her beef is. She has several Grammys. But she’s definitely had a “Miseducation” on so many levels.

Hill must make good money on royalties. She hasn’t had a hit since 1999. And just to put time in perspective, she has a 19 year old son with husband Rohan Marley.

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