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Ha ha. I get such a kick out of Twitter snarks. Mashable is one among sites today writing nasty stuff about Coldplay’s performance on the Super Bowl.

Well, Chris Martin and co. are getting the last laugh. The Super Bowl performance has sent three of their single into the iTunes top 10, several more scattered throughout. Also, all of their albums are in resurgence, with the latest hitting number 2 this morning.

I guess no one liked them. LOL. Coldplay got the biggest bounce of all the acts on last’s night show. Nothing has happened for Beyonce since “Formation” isn’t actually available. It may be on Tidal, but her free giveaway didn’t really materialize. (Tidal has trouble fulfilling orders.)

“Uptown Funk,” which Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson performed, is back to number 13. It was number 1 months ago.

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