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Happy Super Bowl weekend!

It’s a good time to review the situation with the NFL, which operates still as a tax free not for profit foundation. How are they doing? Big press push in the last two days with commissioner Roger Goodell announcing that forthwith, women will have to be considered for all executive positions. Yes, it is 2016, about 40 years after this should have been mandated. Or womandated.

But Goodell has to do something. He’s paid $35 million a year. Indeed, on the 2014 (for 2013) Form 990 filing for the National Football League, salaries for staff came to $100 million. About $55 million was divided among just seven (7) executives. They’re all guys, ‘natch.

Apparently, that wasn’t enough money for one of those lucky seven because the NFL loaned two execs a total of $2.5 million. One guy still owes them $1.5 million.

The NFL Foundation did give some money away in 2013. They donated just over $1 million to a few charities.

Total net assets? $727.7 million. They keep $438.5 million on hand for litigation (i.e. lawsuit settlements, and there are more and since dead players are turning up with CTE).

So get out the hot dogs, chill the beers, and raise a glass. It’s good to be king.

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