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Very excited!

My invitation to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show has arrived. Steve Miller, Deep Purple, Chicago and some other people are being inducted. The show takes place on Tuesday, April 8, 2016 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Only one problem: Gold Tickets, the least expensive offered, are $3,000. This includes on-site pre-concert cocktail reception and dinner, arena seating in prime locations, and…open bar! You will NOT Meet Bruce Springsteen or Paul McCartney. (I added that part in.)

I guess it’s a bargain. The top tickets go to people who want to be Chairman’s Sponsor. For One Hundred Thousand Dollars you get ten tickets and a table on the floor, access to rehearsals etc. o also get FOUR (Not ten) tickets to the exclusive private Chairman’s Club Dinner Thursday evening with the inductees. You CANNOT ask Chicago what “25 or 6 to 4” means.

The Platinum table is only $50,000. You still get the ten tickets, but only two for the Chairman’s thing. Someone from Deep Purple teaches your group the air guitar riff for “Smoke on the Water.”

A Gold table is just $30,000. Again, ten tickets. But the table is in Bed-Stuy. No Chairman’s party, but Peter Wolf will re-enact the “Centerfold” video for you at a girl’s college in Vermont.


Did you know that Tom Jones isn’t in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Neither is Chubby Checker, nor Carly Simon, the Moody Blues, Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music or…

I’ll tell you what. I’m keeping the three thousand dollars, staying home and watching “The Pompatus of Love.” Just don’t call me Maurice.

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