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Friday night brought out the worst in moviegoers. “Dirty Grandpa,” with a 6 rating on Rotten Tomatoes and reviews citing it as “the worst ever” took in $4.2 million. Was it seeing Zac Efron? Was it the idea of Robert DeNiro in his 20th (or so) really bad movie? Who knows?

“Dirty Grandpa” beat “The Revenant” in per screen average even though its cume for the day was $30,000 less. Maybe they should have called the former film “Rubbernecking.” Everyone slowed down to see an accident.

“Star Wars” is really slowing down. It’s only up to $868.5 million domestic. I know two perfectly healthy adults who haven’t seen it. And they will, soon. There are still a few people out there who will be first timers.

The snow is a problem today. Box office impact should be high. This is God’s way of trying to keep people away from “Dirty Grandpa.” In all religions.


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