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SUNDAY update: “Ride Along 2” $34 mil, “Revenant” $29.5, “Star Wars” $25 mil, “13 Hours” $16 mil.


Friday box office: “Ride Along 2” has a 15 on Rotten Tomatoes, but that didn’t stop people from seeing it in droves. The Kevin Hart-Ice Cube comedy made $12 million last night and handily beat “The Revenant” and a now declining “Star Wars.”

Yes, more people saw Hart and Ice Cube goofing around than a bear mauling Leonardo DiCaprio.

“13 Hours,” Michael Bay’s Benghazi movie, finished fourth with a little less than $6 million. Today in the Washington Post the former CIA chief in charge of Benghazi challenged the movie’s veracity. Can’t say I’m shocked.

“Star Wars” is heading nicely to $2 billion worldwide including U.S.

“Joy” crossing $50 million this weekend. “Spotlight,” the most important movie of the year, crossing $30 million.

“Spotlight” is the Big Idea movie of the year and will have the most lasting impact. That’s what Best Picture means.

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