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Last week in an Uncasting story I reported that Christian Bale was going to leave Michael Mann’s “Ferrari” movie. The minute I published it, two publicists whom I trust called to say I was crazy and this was not happening. “Please change it, it’s not true,” they said. In a collegial moment, I acquiesced. You can still see the mess I made changing it remotely.

At the Golden Globes, I asked Christian Bale if he was making the Ferrari movie. “Absolutely!” he said. No question about it. He looked at me like I was crazy.

This afternoon, the official announcement– Bale is not playing Enzo Ferrari. LOL. Well, I tried. It’s hard to be a saint in the city, kids. Lynda Obst gave her memoir about Hollywood the best title ever– “Hello, He Lied.” So freakin’ true.

I should have stuck to my guns. I have an idea who will play Ferrari. I’ll let you know if it materializes. At this point you can call me race-ist.

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