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US Weekly, which serves little purpose in this world, “reported” today that pop group One Direction had disbanded permanently. It was either clickbait or an out and out lie. The boys will be associated for a long time.

Earlier this year One Direction said it was taking a break. The boys will try solo projects. But trust me, they will be back. And they’re not going anywhere anyway. They owe Sony greatest hits albums, and live albums. The label has advanced them a lot of money. Someone has to pay it back.

With the David Bowie death pushing all of his albums onto iTunes, and Apple discounting a lot of albums this week, One Direction’s “Made in the AM” got kicked down to number 37 after a good run in the top 10. Now it’s number 33. Not a big jump, but something.

My guess is someone “leaked” this to US Weekly to give the album a little publicity. Last fall when their single “Drag Me Down” had been dragged down, the announcement came about the hiatus. Sales of “Drag Me Down” perked right up. These things are not coincidences. I would also guess that by the time they reunite, even Zayn will be back.

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