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It’s so awful that David Bowie is gone, it’s hard to express the grief. He was a genius. Simple fact. Now he’s dead two days after his 69th birthday, and two days after the release of his final album. The Bowie canon is a huge part of our culture, so wide ranging probably no one realizes how much Changes and Space Oddity and Young Americans and Fame and Let’s Dance fill our radio waves every single freakin’ day. And that’s just the music. Bowie’s influence on fashion and art are just as far reaching.

Bowie’s website says he was sick for 18 months. But even when his album The Next Day came out on March 8, 2013 he was basically unavailable for press. We knew something was up. He was reclusive and unavailable. The album is filled with great songs, too.

His long time producing associate Tony Visconti posted on Twitter a short time ago that he knew for a year this was coming. I’m sure it was a hard secret to keep. Natalie Cole last week. David Bowie this week. It’s our loss.


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