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Madonna never sings at charity shows, rarely performs live without some kind of backing track or big time accompaniment.

But last night at ex husband Sean Penn’s Haiti fundraiser in Beverly Hills, Madonna got up and sang on stage with just a ukulele. She said her daughter (presumably Lourdes) taught her how to play it. Madonna was absolutely captivating. You can see below what was going on. Justin Bieber, with a weird blonde top knot and aviation wings tattooed on his neck, came in, watched and left as soon as she was done. Penn smoked a cigarette and was mesmerized. His son Hopper (named for Dennis Hopper) was there, also smoking and enjoying the show (very nice kid, 22 years old). Madonna brought her two adopted kids from Malawi.

In the audience: Leonardo (i want that Oscar) DiCaprio, plus best looking couple in town, Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane. They left after Madonna to prepare for their 4 year old daughter’s birthday party today…

Here she is:

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