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UPDATE 11:30pm 250,000. Times $40. You do the math. Joy Mangano should do the marketing for the Oscars.

EARLIER With 12 hours to go, Joy Mangano has already sold over 100,000 new Miracle Mops on HSN during a 24 hour marathon.

Mangano went live on HSN last night at midnight and sold 40,000 mops in the first hour, at $19.95 apiece. That doesn’t count the matching bucket ($14.95) or the super absorbent mop head ($9.95) or the 2 piece mesh bag ($4.95). So it’s really $40 plus $4.95 shipping that we’re talking about.

But still… it’s the Miracle Mop, and it’s the story of “Joy,” now booming at the box office thanks to David O. Russell’s interpretation of Mangano’s life, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Robert DeNiro and Bradley Cooper, et al.

Last night on HSN, Mangano appeared herself, with the mop, looking glamorous but accessible. She kept talking about introducing the Miracle Mop “twenty five years ago.” Going by her looks, this would make her 40 years old now. She will be 60, however, this May.

Is this life imitating art? Or life imitating art which already imitated life? Mangano joins the elite bunch that includes people like Erin Brockovich and the real Philomena, and the real Wolf of Wall Street– Jordan Belfort–and so on–real unfamous people who were catapulted into the spotlight by movies based on their lives. Of course, Mangano was already known to a segment of the population pre-movie thanks to home shopping.

Stars Wars, Adele, self wringing mops. Good morning.

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