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Quentin Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein win again. They expanded “The Hateful Eight”– the two hour, forty seven minute version without an intermission or overture– and scooped up $3.5 million on Wednesday night.

Tarantino’s blazingly colorful talky bloodbath made more money in Wednesday night than Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Will Smith and a football, and animated dinosaurs.

Those movies– “Joy,” “Sisters,” “Concussion,” and “The Good Dinosaur”– were each playing in more theaters.

“The Hateful Eight” finished fourth last night, with a total now of $10.2 million.

You can’t ever bet against these people. You will lose.

Weinstein moved “H8” up a week to pounce on Fox’s “The Revenant”– also bloody, not so talky. After 6 days in limited release (four theaters) Leo and the bear have earned $800,384. Their real test is yet to come but those numbers bode well.

“Joy,” which could have gone either way, has already made $25 million in 6 days. Great news.

And “Star Wars” will cross $700 million domestic by Sunday.

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