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Hey, remember Adele? “Star Wars” kinda took her headlines away. But guess what? Her “25” album sold 1,112,092 copies in the week leading up to Christmas. That means she’s up around 6.5 to 7 million copies total. We’ll know more on Monday. Hello!

The “Star Wars” soundtrack sold over 100,000 copies and came in at number 5. This is amazing because it sounds like the scores to all the other “Star Wars” movies. But you know, cool, right?

Justin Bieber is still selling “Porpoise” to someone– 143,271 copies. I hope all the producers are getting good royalties.

Chris Brown, unfiltered Tweeter, did 139,734 copies of “Royalty.” The album is named for his illegit daughter, who poses with him on the cover. Was there a mother involved? Does she get a royalty? Is that what the kid is named for? (Just kidding, tho I know Chris prob has no sense of humor.)

Oh yes other Adele news: she sold another 90K combined of her other two albums. Just for fun. If Sony isn’t making a “25.2” live album from that TV special, I’d be very very surprised.

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