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In 2004, “Spider Man 2” made $27.6 million and set the record for Monday box office.

That record fell yesterday as “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” came close to $40 million and raised its domestic total to $285 million.

Needless to say. “Star Wars” will cross $300 million U.S. today, and then some, probably setting a Tuesday record as well.

Meantime, the “Star Wars” soundtrack by John Williams has risen to number 4 on iTunes, nipping at the heels of Adele and Justin Bieber. Will it overtake them?

The “Star Wars” phenom just rolls on and on…

Also P.S. Wondering about who will return for the 8th installment? I’m told Oscar Isaac, aka Poe Daemeron, is signed for at least that episode. He and Rey (who seems to be the daughter of Luke Skywalker) would be the likely main couple for the big finale. But who knows? Lots of speculation…

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