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The moviegoers have awakened. And they’ve gone in droves to “Star Wars.” Last night (including $57 mil from Thursday previews), “The Force Awakens” reaped more than $120 million and set a record for all time Friday night openings.

Now Disney– which spent months hedging bets with statements that this wouldn’t happen in case it really didn’t– is predicting $200-$225 $250 million for the weekend. That will also be the biggest opening ever.

Already, not counting last night, the J.J. Abrams extravaganza has well over $250 million in the bank including international receipts. And that’s just the beginning.

Disney, Abrams, Lucas, plus the three original stars– Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill– are all giving thanks this morning. Even Carrie’s dog, Gary, must be smiling.

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