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“Star Wars” had a huge night last night, opening to $57 million. The previous record was $43 million for the final “Harry Potter” movie.

Today is the real opening day, which means millions of people will learn the truth about a lot of the characters and their fates. The problem will be keeping it all a secret so new waves of fans can be surprised by the revelations.

And there are many, with one in particular that isn’t unveiled until about 45 minutes in. That reveal ties to a climactic event later on that will keep audiences on tenterhooks until the next episode is released.

Also happening today will be the making of movie stars. Daisy Ridley and John Boyega are totally unknown. But they won’t be able to walk in the street by tomorrow morning without attracting crowds. Ridley in particular is about to become a superstar. She is LITERARLLY the star of this “Star Wars.” Just crazy. Hopefully she can remain calm, cool, and collected, and have a real career. But it’s going to be hard.

Wait for a lot of magazine stories titled “Inside Daisy Ridley.” This will be a reference to a Natalie Wood movie no young person has ever heard of, “Inside Daisy Clover.” I’m claiming it first.

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