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Adele did cross the 5 million mark this week with “25.” According to hitsdailydouble.com, she sold 660,000 copies this past week. The number was actually 690,000 including streaming.

Elsewhere in the music biz, Coldplay finally caved to Spotify. Their new album, “A Head Full of Dreams,” is finally available on the streaming service. It had already been on Apple Music, Tidal, and Google Play.

Giving in to Spotify is a big deal. Those other services are simply not as big. And Coldplay is losing the war with Adele on the charts. To stay relevant, they must be on Spotify. I’m playing it now on the premium service as I type this. Good album!

But giving in to Spotify also means Tidal, Jay Z’s service, is doomed. And Rihanna’s people will have to take a hard look at this turn of events. They can’t put her “Anti” album on Tidal alone and expect to have an impact. Tough deal for Jay Z. Chris Martin was one of his original “owners.”

Remember, I broke the story of how Jay Z organized a bunch of pop stars to launch Tidal. It was a pipe dream. It’s been a hard knock life ever since then.

As for Adele, the march toward 7 million copies by December 31st is on. The question now is, when will Adele accede to Spotify?

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