Home Celebrity Happy Birthday December 9th: Tons of Stars Including Kirk Douglas, Now 99

I never look at those birthday things, but one of the celebrity bulletins had this list– and I have to say, this is a pretty cool group all for one day. Joan Armatrading– wherever you are, we salute you!

Kirk Douglas is 99 years young. Holy moly. Kina hora! Mazel tov, Kirk!  Dina Merrill is 90. The most elegant ever. Judi Dench! Felicity! Michael Nouri, what a feeling!

Birthdays: Joan Armatrading [1950], Beau Bridges [1941], Dick Butkus [1942], Dame Judi Dench [1934], Kirk Douglas [1916], Michael Dorn [1952], Jakob Dylan [1969], Simon Helberg [1980], Buck Henry [1930], Felicity Huffman [1962], John Malkovich [1953], Dina Merrill [1925], Dominic Monaghan [1976], Michael Nouri [1945], Donny Osmond [1957]. [Dick Van Patten, 1928-2015.]



Dina at 16:12

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