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All afternoon various websites have been putting up stories about Adele being “snubbed” by the Grammy Awards or not getting nominated for anything.

Shame on these clickbait idiots. The Grammy deadline every year is September 30th. Some make it , some don’t. Those who don’t, wait til next year. Last year Taylor Swift released the single “Shake it Off” in time, but left “1989” for this year.

Similarly, other artists do the same thing. If the album lasts all year, then voila!

In the case of Swift, “1989” is still going strong and should win everything it”s nominated for.

Adele’s “25” will be the big deal in February 2017. In the meantime, I guarantee you Ms. Adkins will perform on the Grammy show, without a doubt. She will be front and center on CBS on Monday February 15, 2016.

Clickbait is fraud, frankly, and the people behind it should be ashamed. Doesn’t the FTC regulate anything?

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