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The Los Angeles Film Critics, not my favorite group usually, are finishing up their voting. They gave Best Director to George Miller for “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Best Actor and Supporting Actor were inspired choices: Michael Fassbender for “Steve Jobs” and Michael Shannon for “99 Homes.” Each was a good selection.

In the past, I’ve found the LA Film Critics aren’t too sophisticated (whoever they are, btw, since Ken Turan is mainly the guy there) and easily manipulated by local publicists. I don’t blame them.

I don’t know if the public realizes that as the cities vote their awards, the pressure gets more intense from publicists trying to squeeze out a win for one of their clients. Quite a little game…

Lead actress– Charlotte Rampling for “45 Years,” an exquisite performance. She is now the 4th Oscar slot, after JLaw, CBlanch, and Brie. Who is number 5? Lily Tomlin? Saorise Ronan? Helen Mirren?

Supporting actress– Alicia Vikander for “The Danish Girl” a movie that seems to be over.

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