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Hello, Adele!

The British chanteuse is now the first pop star ever to sell 1 million copies of a recording two weeks in a row. The “25” album sold 1,065,741 CDS, digital downloads and streams this week. Just CDs came to 1,021,558.

Fans are clearly buying the physical CD as a souvenir more than they are streaming or downloading. On amazon of course you get a free instant download when you order the CD. (That seems like the best deal in town.)

I bought the Target deluxe CD which has three extra tracks. I was surprised that, when heard on a real stereo system and not an iPod or phone, the CD has a lot of distortion. I don’t know if it’s the mastering or the actual recording. You wouldn’t hear it on a compressed MP3 system. “25” should be a gorgeous recording. But Adele’s tendency to belt is marred by cracking. If anyone else has heard that I’d love to get your email showbiz411@gmail.com

Hitsdailydouble, which did the sales count, now supposes Adele is on her way to 6 or 7 million by December 31st. If that’s the case, Rob Stringer and the Sony team must be floating around on clouds at 550 Madison. They did a very good job.

Adele? She seems well adjusted but who knows? Let’s hope this doesn’t make her into a crazy diva celebrity. Her whole charm is unaffected nature, and her F bombing. But really, if you or I sold 7 million CDs in four weeks, wouldn’t we be ordering caviar for every meal and asking people to carry us into the next room? I do think so, my friends.

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