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It’s a good thing Adele is making so much money for Sony Music now.

Two years ago, she cost Sony over $67,000 when appeared on the 2013 Golden Globes.

The invoice for the trip turned up in the Wikileaks Sony email hack a few months ago.

Plane for Adele and a companion came to $37,000. Another fare, also roundtrip, for someone from her management office was almost $14,000. There was another $11,000 on hotels. Almost $5,000 was spent on something called “Heathrow VIP.” Plus sundries the total came to $67,638.88.

Mind you, this was well before Adele turned into the sales tsunami she is today. Still, at the time, her “21” album had already sold in the millions.

Also, remember that Adele didn’t actually sing “Skyfall” on the show. She did win, so that was good. She said in her acceptance speech that she and a friend named Ida were “on a night out.” An expensive one!

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