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Adele’s “25” is at 2.8 million copies, on its way to 3.1 million or more by end of the day Thursday. It’s broken all records and sold more copies than any recording since music was counted properly by SoundScan.

Meanwhile, a good chunk of sales came from Target’s special edition of “25,” which has three extra songs. Frankly, those songs should be on the album proper. They’re very good and maybe a little more varied than some of the songs on “side two” or tracks 7,8, and 9.

“Can’t Let Go” is co-written with Linda Perry, although I think with a lot of these songs, the composer really maps out Adele’s ideas. Haunting piano propels “Can’t Let Go” and the song is memorable and lively.

Tobias Jesso, who wrote “When We Were Young,” authored gospel-tinged “Lay Me Down,” which has friskier vocal than some of Adele’s more somber numbers.

“Why Do You Love Me” is written with Rick Nowells, who’s written a lot of hits and knows what he’s doing. He co-wrote the New Radicals’ “You Get What You Give,” a classic, and Michelle Branch’s “The Game of Love,” another, among many others. “Why Do Love You Me” sounds like a single to me.

The three “extra” songs are a little buried because of the Target deal. Too bad. They coulda been contenders.

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