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James Bond is still a financial boon to everyone involved, but it’s going to be impossible to beat “Skyfall.” The new 007 film “Spectre” made $73 million this weekend, falling short of expectations and very short of “Skyfall”‘s $88 million opening weekend.

As I said yesterday the difference is Adele. She had a hit record leading up the former film’s release which excited the audience. Sam Smith put them to sleep. Believe me, as much I love Judi Dench, her absence from “Spectre” is not what brushed off that extra audience.

And they were “extra,” too from the Adele phenom. A regular Bond movie like “Quantum of Solace” made $68 million on its opening weekend in 2008. “Casino Royale” had a $40 million opening in 2006 when Craig was introduced as Bond.

Other than with Bond movies, Craig isn’t definitely a movie star who can open or carry films. On the other hand, he’s only had a couple of instances to prove himself– with “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and “Cowboys and Aliens.”

Each of those made $100 million, but they weren’t breakthroughs. He’s had some real clunkers, too. But Craig fancies himself a “serious” actor who’s returning to Broadway soon for the third time. To finance that dream he’ll have to do at least one more Bond film, then look for interesting character work a la Harrison Ford. He is a good actor — excellent in “Munich” and “Layer Cake” — so there’s a lot of potential.

Anyway, financially we don’t have to worry about him.


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