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The numbers are in, and Adele is a winner even without releasing a new album.

Her 2010 album, “21,” sold over 27,000 copies in CDs, digital downloads and streams. Her earlier recording, “19” did just over 10,000 copies.

This means she outsold new recordings from veterans like Rod Stewart and Harry Connick Jr, a new record from Joanna Newsome, and one from DJ Khaled.

If you combine Adele’s album sales, she finishes the week at about number 6, just ahead of Blake Shelton.

All of this is heat from her record breaking single “Hello,” which has stayed at number 1 for more than a week. The album “Hello” will be on, “25,” is set for sales of a million copies or more when it’s released November 20th.

What’s interesting is that even though pop rival Justin Bieber has had three hits on the charts recently, none of them has re-activated sales of his catalog albums.

But “Hello” has stirred the pot, so to speak, while Bieber has just smoked it.

I don’t know anything about Connick’s new record. Stewart’s had a lot of potential, but I would say it was dumped. Total sales are around 15,000 copies. What a shame.

Janet Jackson’s new album, “Unbreakable,” is now out of the top 50 altogether after three short weeks. Wow. The initial rush of sales petered out to zilch, leaving her at less than 150,000 for all that work. But she didn’t appear on any TV shows or do any major press. The album is now a souvenir at her concerts. Maybe that was the plan all along. If so, it worked.

Demi Lovato’s new album dropped 71% in sales from last week to this week.

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