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This is a bit of a tease, because Carly Simon’s wonderful memoir “Boys in the Trees” isn’t published until two days before Thanksgiving.

But I will tell you that the punchline to her encounter with Warren Beatty is almost better than any story about “You’re So Vain.” Actually, the punchline may be why she wrote “You’re So Vain.” I don’t know.

Maybe I will be able to divulge this anecdote closer to the time of publication. But it’s in keeping with Carly’s usual bluntness about her personal life. And very very funny.

“Boys in the Trees,” by the way, is getting a CD to accompany it from Rhino Records. We’ll be able to cue up the music to the page number in the book. (This is so smart, why doesn’t it happen more often?)

I’m told the rest of the book is just as honest about others as it is about Warren. I know there’s a Mick Jagger chapter. He does sing harmonies on “You’re So Vain.”

I like that Carly named her book after her hit 1978 album “Boys in the Trees.” But I thought she would call it “Haven’t Got Time for the Pain.”

I’ve pre-ordered my copy already from amazon. PS I do believe Ms. Simon has agreed to a book signing at Barnes and Noble in New York during Thanksgiving week. I’d queue up now, if I were you. This is a rare appearance.

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