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If tonight’s Democratic debate seems boring, there’s good — if stealth– counter programming. PBS is offering a one hour special tribute to Mary Tyler Moore. There’s been almost no press for it, and Google only shows a handful of reviews. I have a zillion PBS press releases in my inbox but none about this show. I reported its existence over a year ago but no one responded to my questions about it.

From the reviews, the special seems like an infomercial. But that’s ok. We love Mary, and it was time for a refresh about her career on maybe the two best TV comedies of all time. It will be good to see an interview with her from the last year, too, since MTM has kept a low profile recently because of health issues.

A lot of The Mary Tyler Moore Show is cut up all over You Tube. But you want to find it on DVD in its proper form. The best episodes– besides the pilot, the finale, and “Chuckles the Clown is Dead” — veal Prince Orloff, the blackout show, anything with Rhoda and Phyllis, Mr. Grant’s surprise birthday party, another party where Rhoda summons an old lady by accident to be Lou’s date, Phyllis discovering Sue Anne is having an affair with Lars– a never seen character. There are too many to name. Many of the shows have plots that emphasize the amazing cast, but it’s always Mary at the center. She was just brilliant– and still is.

Here’s the teaser:

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