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Weekend box office: “Steve Jobs” filled every single seat where it played this weekend, and then some. In its four locations, Danny Boyle’s Universal film was an enormous hit with a total of $521,000. You can only guess what will happen when it goes wide. Until we see how “Spotlight,” “Hateful 8,” and a few others do, “Steve Jobs” is the big deal of 2015.

There are lots of studio flops though. Even Universal has one in poor “Everest.” Hugh Jackman’s “Pan” is a strike out with $15 million– that’s one tenth of what it cost. “Black Mass” from Warners may not be strong enough to make any meaningful Oscar stand– except for maybe supporting actor Joel Edgerton. It does look like people are skipping “The Walk” from Sony.

“Sicario” is doing nicely from LionsGate– it’s a nice title. Sounds like an exotic dish. “The Intern” didn’t get great reviews but it’s turning out to be a nice hit for Warner Bros., Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway. And “The Martian” is Fox’s triumph for the season. It’s already up over $100 million with no sign of retreat. Also, “The Martian” will get some awards action soon enough.

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