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Such a flood of movies from earlier in the year, now the film festivals have shown us more. And even though we have a ways to go, here’s how things shake out right now, I think. More movies are coming, so watch this space.

In alphabetical order

45– Very small, and notable if only for Charlotte Rampling’s poignant performance

Beasts of No Nation– Netflix’s first ever theatrically released movie is incendiary and unforgettable, with Idris Elba in what should be his first Oscar nominated performance

Black Mass– I’m including “Black Mass” because I liked it. I don’t know if can hold out through the whole Oscar season.

Bridge of Spies–reviewed today

Carol–Todd Haynes’s little masterpiece, best cinematography by Ed Lachman, Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara absolutely insanely wonderful.

The Danish Girl– Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander in Tom Hooper’s exquisite piece about love and acceptance.

Grandma– Lily Tomlin’s shot at an Oscar should not be underestimated. She’s absolutely delightful and the Academy loves her. Everyone loves her.

Inside Out– A genius movie, deserves Best Picture nomination

The Martian– Matt Damon’s big moment has finally arrived. An artistic and commercial triumph.

Room– Unlike anything you’ve seen, with Brie Larson, Joan Allen, and a little boy who will get some awards action

Spotlight– The movie depicting Boston Globe reporters uncovering 90 pedophile priests. A SAG Best Ensemble nominee for sure, with like ten great supporting performances. They should Mark Ruffalo in lead.

Truth– the story of how Dan Rather and his “60 Minutes” producer Mary Mapes were undone by CBS. Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford are terrific.

Steve Jobs– Reviewed here yesterday. Phenomenal.

Youth–Michael Caine gives  a Best Actor performance, but close behind is Harvey Keitel. Jane Fonda literally steals the movie– you’ll pay just to see her extended cameo. Paolo Sorrentino’s made an important and highly entertaining film.



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