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I must say I am surprised. Sam Smith was so hot earlier this year, I thought his James Bond theme song for “Spectre” would go through the roof. And one week this morning– Friday– “Writing’s on the Wall” soared to number 1 on iTunes.

But one week later, the “Spectre” song is really a bust. It’s number 38 on iTunes, 112 on amazon, and not streaming on Spotify’s US top 50 chart. It is number 8 on the Spotify global, and around 24 on the UK Spotify chart.

On the UK iTunes, the song is number 2. It was briefly number 1.

Basically, “Writing’s on the Wall” has not charted the wall Adele’s “Skyfall” did. Or any of the Sam Smith singles this year.

But, you know, plenty of singles aren’t charting that have been available for a week. Janet Jackson’s “Burnitup” with Missy Elliot, and Lady Gaga’s “Till it Happens to You” aren’t doing much of anything. I am surprised, especially about the Gaga. It’s not easy out there.

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