Home Celebrity Michael Moore Sells “Where to Invade Next” to Hot New Film Company

Michael Moore has finally made a deal for “Where to Invade Next.” The doc which got raves in Toronto will be released by the new company formed by former Radius chiefs Tom Quinn and Jason Janego. They are teaming with Alamo Drafthouse Founder and CEO Tim League to form a new company.

In a statement, Quinn, Janego and League stated: “Together with Michael Moore and his extraordinary new film we hope to remind Americans they have the inalienable right to laugh, especially in an election year. We’re thrilled about our new label and can’t think of a better film or filmmaker to launch with.” The company name and details of the new venture will be revealed at a later date.

Quinn and Janego had had Radius at the Weinstein Company, where they won an Oscar for “20 Feet from Stardom” and released a lot of good documentaries. They said they were leaving TWC to do bigger films. But now it seems like they’re doing the same kind of films, just elsewhere. Ironically, it was Harvey Weinstein who got Moore his biggest success with “Fahrenheit 911.”

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