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Is Jon Snow dead? Is Kit Harington coming back to “Game of Thrones” next year?

After last night’s Emmy Awards, what do you think? You bet he’s coming back.

I ran into the mastermind of “Game of Thrones,” George R. R. Martin last night, after the Emmys. His fans are panting for the next installment of the books upon which the HBO series is based. The last book, “A Dance with Dragons,” appeared  in 2011. This past season of the TV series brought the action right up to the end of that book, complete with Jon Snow’s “death.”

When I asked Martin if Snow is really dead, he actually kind of laughed, gave a big smile, and said, “Just follow what happens in the books.”

He didn’t seem sad, and didn’t respond with a “Yes.” And at this point, it seems like a wink-wink. Martin and HBO aren’t stupid. If it Snows in March, when “Game of Thrones” returns, the cliffhanger ratings will be like an earthquake. And now that the show has finally won the Emmy Award — along with Peter Dinklage– the matinee idol of the show is not going anywhere.

The new Martin book, “The Winds of Winter,” is about to be announced as well. That book should bring back Snow and an avalanche of book sales preceding the return of the show. Well played!


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