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What a historic night at the Emmys! Three top acting prizes went to black women for roles in dramas. Best Actress went to Viola Davis in “How to Get Away with Murder.” Best Supporting Actress went to Uzo Aduba in “Orange is the New Black.” Regina King took home Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series in “American Crime.”

We wake up to a new world, folks. At last. And who stood first to applaud Viola’s win as the first ever black woman to win lead in drama? Another nominee, and a black woman, Taraji P. Henson. Classy stuff!

Jon Hamm won Best Actor in a Drama, finally, for playing Don Draper in “Mad Men.” It took seven tries to get him the award, which he’d deserved years ago.

Alison Janney won Best Supporting Actress in a comedy for “Mom.”

There was a Veep Sweep, as HBO’s “Veep” took five trophies including Best Comedy and Best Actress in a Comedy for Julia Louis Dreyfuss.

Altogether, HBO received 43 Emmy Awards. They swept through every category including Best Drama, for “Game of Thrones” and Best Mini Series for “Olive Kitteredge.” That   movie also got acting awards for Richard Jenkins and Frances McDormand.

Then HBO hosted the most stunning Emmy party of the week at the Pacific Design Center, where  everyone who was anyone– from Mel Brooks to Viola Davis to Steven Soderbergh–dined, gossiped and celebrated until well past midnight. I ran into everyone from Tim Hutton to George R. R. Martin to Justin Theroux there.

Very interesting– with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon nipping at its heels, HBO pulled off its biggest success yet. A whole round dinner table was festooned with Emmys they’d picked up last night. Quite an accomplishment.


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