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Keith Richards says there will be a new Rolling Stones album next year. The issue came up in an interview for his new album “Cross Eyed Heart” and the accompanying Netflix film and DVD “Under the Influence.” They are released this week.

The album is wonderful by the way, full of blues and guts. It’s all real and heartfelt. There’s one song on it, called “Lover’s Pen,” that is absolutely remarkable. I hope every smart music fan takes a chance on it. I’m also crazy about “Heartstopper,” “Blues in the Morning,” and “Something for Nothing.”

The movie, directed by Morgan Neville, shows Keith at his most charming. There’s a lot of talk about how the Rolling Stones came to be, and what they mean in the larger picture. You do get the feeling that Keith is kind of an unheralded genius. His reputation as a musician has been obscured by his publicity as a druggie and outlaw. But here he is, still alive, kicking, funny and more thoughtful than ever.

He prefers the “roll” he says, to “the rock.” He’s a blues man. The Stones, he points out, are based on two albums– the Best of Muddy Waters and the Best of Chuck Berry. He and Mick met over those two albums. The movie also shows his great friendship with Buddy Guy. There’s footage of Keith with all of them.

So what if there’s a new Stones album? Keith is the musical heart of the Stones. “Crosseyed Heart” is kind of an essential throw back lesson. And for fun, go back and read his book.

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