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After just a few days, Prince has caved. He’s put his new album “HitNRun,” on iTunes after all.

It must have dawned on Prince that his exclusive deal with Jay Z’s Tidal service meant no one was hearing his work.

On iTunes the release date is today, September 14th. So now Prince’s album is available for digital download.

An actual physical CD is listed on Amazon as of tomorrow– and it’s on Jay Z’s Roc Nation through Universal Music, the rival of Warner Bros., which has Prince’s catalog and has his two CDs from last year. They must be thrilled. What the heck happened?

It’s hard to say how many people care one way or another. “HitNRun” is turning out to be a marketing disaster.

Anyway, I’ll pony up $9.99 for the download. Even odd Prince is better than no Prince at all.

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