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Exclusive: John Slattery, forever Roger Sterling of “Man Men” fame, is coming back to TV. He tells me he’s joining “Veep,” playing Julia Louis Dreyfus’ possible romantic interest. His character is a Wall Street mogul like JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon.

Slattery will be at the Emmys next Sunday to cheer on castmates Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, and Christina Hendricks as well as show creator Matt Weiner. What I don’t understand is that Slattery isn’t nominated for his work as Roger. He was easily beyond anyone else on TV in a supporting role.

Slattery — who’s in the cast of the new movie “Spotlight,” premiering Monday night in Toronto– did joke with me about the Emmys. “I was doing my own comedy and they [Mad Men] were doing a drama.”

Roger Sterling was the quippiest, smartest character on TV. Slattery delivered him like Cary Grant in “The Philadelphia Story.” Imagine what he’ll do with JLD on “Veep.” The mind reels!

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