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EXCLUSIVE I’ve confirmed it, definitely and most absolutely. After months of speculation, Sam Smith — the male version of Adele as it were– is doing the James Bond theme song for “Spectre.”
The song will be released Tuesday morning.

Sam joins Shirley Bassey, Paul McCartney, Carly Simon, Sheena Easton, Duran Duran, and of course Adele in the long line of singers who’ve had this moment in pop history.

Yes, I did think Ellie Goulding was doing the song. But my sources tell me that because she did “Fifty Shades of Grey,” she was out of contention.

And Smith, despite plagiarism problems this year with Tom Petty over “Stay with Me,” is the breakout star of the year. Just like Adele, he took the Grammy Awards. I don’t know why anyone thought Radiohead, which drones on on and on like an electric fan, would be singing a pop song for a pop movie. That was weird.

Stay tuned and keep refreshing for more updates.

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