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Remember Cockroach, Theo’s pal from “The Cosby Show”? Well, he’s been tapped by Lee Daniels’ casting director sister to host weekly streaming “Empire” parties. Carl Payne, who is also the stepfather to Bobby Brown’s oldest son, will anchor the events. Leah Daniels Butler is also looking for on air correspondents to help Payne report in from various cities. I guess the idea is to make watching “Empire” a total social networking event.

Here’s the notice from “Empire” land:

“Empire Wednesday” is seeking on-air correspondents to host an 18 week live stream event from the weekly “Empire” viewing parties  held in cities nationally; created by Henry Butler and hosted by Leah Daniels Butler and Shawn Holiday; Empire Wednesdays began as weekly viewing parties in Los Angeles and Chicago for season one of the #1 television show “Empire”. Expanding the brand for season two, Empire Wednesday will now be held in multiple markets (see below) nationally and linked together via a live stream from each city.  Joining the team for season two, actor Carl Payne will anchor the live stream event.

So far “Empire Wednesday” will emanate from Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Des Moines, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, Philadelphia, Seattle, St. Louis and Washington D.C.

What to do? Post a recent .30 second video on YouTube, email a link of the video to EmpireWednesdayCasting@gmail.com.  Be sure to tag #EmpireWednesday in your YouTube video and then share it on Facebook  and tag “Empire Wednesdays” – with an S. Encourage your friends and followers to view, like, post and re-post your submission.

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