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What does Justin Bieber mean? This morning we find out. Bieber lucked out when Skrillex and Diplo took his demo of a piano ballad and turned it into “Where Are U Now?”

Today, in advance of an album release on November 13th, Bieber releases a single called “What Do You Mean?” He’s had an incredible build up from social networking. Whoever thought of putting a hashtag in front of the title, and then getting lots of celebrities to Tweet it out, gets a prize. The single has very high recognition.

But is it good? We’re about to find out.
UPDATE– The song is not very interesting except that Skrillex and Diplo have created fake African sounds a la Paul Simon’s “Graceland.” The song isn’t very substantial. What does he mean?

Anyway, his fans will break the internet this morning. I listened to it on Elvis Duran’s show. The deejay is just about pleading with his audience to like the song. God bless Clear Channel…

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