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Greetings from Asbury Park: Little Steve van Zandt (or Miami Steve, as we fondly think of him) organized quite a group for Darlene Love’s “Forbidden Nights” video. Bruce Springsteen, Paul Shaffer, David Letterman, Joan Jett, Bill Murray and Elvis Costello make cameo appearances. Also, I see Steve’s choreographer wife Maureen, dancing up a storm with her gal pals.

You have to wait all the way til the end to see Letterma, who looks like Tom Hanks’ character from “Cast Away.” I ran into Paul Shaffer last night at Valerie Simpson’s swell backyard BBQ birthday party (along with Freddie Jackson and lots of friends). Paul told the video was debuting today, how much fun they all had making it.
By the way, Paul also told me he and Dave Letterman are in regular touch, and they’re each decompressing after 37 years on daily TV.
Darlene’s album, “Introducing Darlene Love”– yes, it’s a joke, she’s in the Rock Hall– drops on September 18th.
Just FYI Stevie and Bruce did a similar thing many years ago for Darlene’s colleague Ronnie Spector. They produced her singing Billy Joel’s “Say Goodbye to Hollywood.” I offer it here as pure pleasure:

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