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Kids, if you’d been a kid in January 1970, you’d be ready for this. That’s when we knew the Beatles “Let it Be” would be their last album. The party was over.

And so, now, One Direction, hardly the Beatles but meaningful to lots of teen girls, is over. People magazine says when this tour is concluded and their fifth album comes out, 1D is taking a long, long hiatus.

They will only be back if none of them hits like Justin Timberlake. And if they do come back, ask the Backstreet Boys. You’re off to dinner theater, Vegas, and state fairs. The cacophonous screaming of teen girls is in the past.

You know that Zayn Malik already left the group. And “Drag Me Down” has been a drag, not really becoming a hit even with a video.

Now Harry, Liam, Niall, and Louis will go their separate ways. It’s scary out there, particularly since they are not the Beatles.

It’s a little unclear what their individual strengths are. I guess we’re going to find out. They aren’t really songwriters, so teams will have to be brought in. Of the four, Harry Styles has the strongest individual brand, to use a word. He has recognition. But he doesn’t seem like a Timberlake breakout star. He will need a very hands on manager to create an individual career.

Ready to take the place of 1D: Five Seconds of Summer. Will they last longer than five seconds? And who’s coming after them?

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