Home Music Robin Thicke Tries for Comeback Using Nicki Minaj, References “Hillary Rodham”

Robin Thicke is back. In fact is new single is called “Back Together” and features Nicki Minaj. Any recording artist who wants to prove they’re hip has Nicki Minaj on their record. I hope she charges them a fortune.

Thicke already released a new single that went nowhere called “Morning Sun,” which required adding Barry White’s name to the songwriting credits. Stop me if you’ve heard this already, but Thicke has a problem using elements of other people’s songs in his own. (See GAYE, Marvin)

Thicke’s last album sold 12 copies. It was called Paula, and it was all about how he wanted his childhood sweetheart, mother of his child and wife back. When she said no, he found a 20 year old. (That way he got the child back too.)

In some interviews I see Thicke is now saying he was the victim in his personal debacle. Whatevuh. If you can dance to the record, fine. Otherwise, TMI at this point. We’ll see how “Back Together” does on the charts. It’s a good record. Let’s hope it’s not sampled from something else. But it seems Max Martin wrote and produced it, so we’re cool.

Check out the reference to Hillary “Rodham” in Nicki’s rap.

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